Special Projects:

What We've Done So Far:

The UA Sustain Special Projects Team has a used corduroy type of dream - we’re working towards a permanent, student-run thrift store on MIT’s campus! In November 2019, we collected clothing from half of the undergrad dorms and set up a pop-up thrift store in the Stata lobby. It was a resounding success - over a hundred community members showed up. For round 2, we took over the Stud’s Coffeehouse Lounge. 96% of undergrads who came said they supported a year-round campus thrift store, and 60 new thrifters visited our event who weren’t at the first pop-up!

Future Plans:

The near unanimous support for continued efforts from students and staff show that MIT has a need for this thrifty endeavor. Our community wants to shop sustainably, and a convenient, local, student-run thrift shop would bring that opportunity right to our doorstep.

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photo cred: Jocelyn Ting